It has never been easier to build your business!

In PET2MATE it is possible to create simple and quick various types of professional from Veterinarians, Veterinarian, Clinics, Trainers, Photographers, Magazines, Hotels, etc, in order to sell products and/or services, as well as publish texts and photos, thereby disclosing to a target audience interested the latest news.

To create your professional profile you must register in PET2MATE, then click on your name in the top right corner (USER) and select the option CREATE PROFILE. Then you should choose the PROFESSIONAL option, fill out the profile with the data requests and SUBMIT. Immediately the profile created is available to the public and accessible in upper right menu (USER)

Ex: The owner of a PET SHOP with 14 shops scattered throughout the world can, SIMPLY and QUICKLY, create their profile, add animals, products and distinct services to each one of shops as well as the different contacts. Then they can assign 1 or more managers in each of the shops to manage the content, products and services within the profile. A user can thus find products and services and rapidly contact by message the shop with questions. As the messaging system is centralized, the manager of all the shops receives the messages in your account and also the profile of each store.

Ex: A VETERINARY CLINIC may have a profile of a CLINIC where they can communicate clients and followers about their products and services in a personalized way. The PRACTITIONER can also list all the animals treated in the clinic as well as follow and see their growth..
Whoever follows the CLINIC may also communicate through messages and schedule treatments.