In PET2MATE you can quickly create an ASSOCIATION and disclose to the world their mission, communicate with their supporters and give a new home to animals for adoption. You can also sell products and/or services that may help your cause, as well as publish texts, pictures and disseminate events or other relevant matters.

To create your association profile you must register in PET2MATE, then click on your name in the upper right corner of the page (on the right side of the global search),and select the option CREATE PROFILE. Then you should choose the option ASSOCIATION, fill out the profile with the data requests and SUBMIT. Immediately the profile created is available to the public and accessible in menu top right of the page.

Ex: Register on PET2MATE, create a profile of the ASSOCIATION and then insert all the animals that are available for adoption. All animals entered are searchable by physical and idealistic characteristics to easily concede an owner.
After you find an owner for an animal within PET2MATE, the association can "transfer" the ownership of the animal, leaving the new owner with access to the entire history of posts,photos and other extensive data. In the same way the association can find the animal, follow him and ensure that the animal is in good hands.

An ASSOCIATION may also sell products and services, and there is no cost for the use of the service.