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PET2MATE - All about your pet

The first community that really interconnects pets, petlovers, professionals and associations.

The objective of PET2MATE is for the pet’s lifetime just as the Facebook is for people's life.

  • Explore pets worldwide
  • Access to your pets details anywhere
  • Adopt pets worldwide
  • Share pets photos with your friends and family
  • Comunicate directly with your veterinary
  • Find stores nearby
  • Buy products and services online

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

With PET2MATE the owner can monitor and manage all the pet’s information in a simple way (age, pedigree, characteristics, mating preferences, clinical history, veterinarian’s contacts and all veterinarians near …), timeline of pictures, advanced pet search, the pet’s diary and alerts pertaining to their lives (former: mating periods, habits, temperaments, hair loss, etc).

In terms of social interaction the application allows for chat and the exchange of messages, to share pictures and posts for Facebook and e-mail, and the integration with specific application for Facebook allowing friends, that don't have the application, to see pictures and basic details on the pets in question.

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PET2MATE / All about your pet

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